Season 1 of The Scarlet Line is available on our TSL website, as well as on Vimeo.

We are accepting portfolio submissions for consideration for post-production (composers, foley artists, editors, SFX specialists) for The Scarlet Line, Season Two, which has wrapped principal photography. We are also always accepting submissions for crew and production folks for future projects.

TSL: Season 1 was a standard low/no budget, non-union project, and Season 2 is also a standard low/no project, but is registered with SAG-AFTRA. The producers have put together a deferred compensation agreement for all who contribute, in front of or behind the camera.

Below is a summary of the TSL series premise, followed by descriptions of some of the main characters in Season 1. Audition info regarding specific characters for Season 3 will appear when ready.

The Scarlet Line, a new web series from Wolf Point Media

London, 1913. The radical Suffragettes create a secret society of guardians tasked with protecting their leaders from arrest and assault. Trained in the Japanese martial art of jujitsu, these women are known as “The Bodyguard”.

1918. When the women of England win their first victory towards universal suffrage, some members of The Bodyguard emigrate to the United States to aid their sister suffragists in the fight to win the vote here.

As universal suffrage becomes reality in the U.S., The Bodyguard refuse to lay down their arms. Working in secret, they turn their resources toward founding an enduring legacy of women trained to protect those in need. This legacy is the Scarlet Line.

Chicago, 2012: Amanda Hutton is a freelance researcher, and a retired member of the Scarlet Line. Amanda spent her 20s patrolling the streets, helping any she found in need of protection. She retired from the Line, as most do, at the ripe old age of 30, to get on with having as normal a life as she could stand.

She’s got an apartment. A ficus. A fiancé.

And she’s got a problem; her protégé has turned assassin.

Now, Amanda must bring down the rogue “Scarlet” and find a new protégé to continue the legacy begun 100 years ago.

She is joined in the effort by her contact in the Chicago Police Department, and the candidates who want to take over carrying on the Line.

She never liked this job in the first place …


Amanda Hutton is a freelance researcher in her mid-late 30s. She’d like her past to stay that way, but her fierce loyalty to the cause of the Scarlet Line and innate sense of responsibility will not let her shirk what she sees as her duty, despite the possible consequences for herself, and the new life she’s built with her fiancé, Marcus.

Marcus Laing is confident, affable, kind, and recently engaged to Amanda Hutton. When the series begins, he doesn’t know a thing about her time in the Scarlet Line, and she’s not one to divulge secrets easily.

Detective Richards may have been in the Chicago Police Department for as many as 30 years, and has been a detective for at least 15 of them. He became the Scarlet contact around 1990, and is currently combing the ranks for a replacement in anticipation of retiring within the next decade, if possible.

Naomi Marshall – is very, very angry.  She was Amanda’s protege and replacement in The Line. Sometime recently she has wearied of seeing people she put behind bars back out on the street causing more harm. She has resolved to do something about it.



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